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Nurburgring Lap Times

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In this section you'll find laptimes gathered by the popular laptimer app for iPhone, Raceunion

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Are you looking for the fastest laps by manufacturer's "production" cars?.


Things I'm jealous about this week...


I expect zero sympathy for my pangs of jealousy, but I thought this small thing was worth sharing. I'd love to tell you the name of the gentleman showing me his iPhone and Harry's Laptimer readouts, but my simple English brain couldn't understand the complicated Swedish syllables...

>> see what the car is and read more after the jump >>

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Awesome or ridiculous?


This is a Westfield version of the famous Lotus 7. If you think an R500 is fast, let me tell you that this white monster has almost double the horsepower. It's powered by a built-up Cosworth motor and offers the kind of acceleration normally only available to people who wear Ray Bans and inflatable underwear. And call each other names like Goose and Maverick.

>> see the full video after the jump! >>

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It's a what engine in a what car?!


I love cars, I love engines, and I love the Nurburgring. So this Full-HD video pleases me greatly indeed. But what's really amazing about this video is not the tidy driving or massive dildo gearchange - nope it's the swapped engines powering each car...

>> More details and full video after the jump >>

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Viper ACR-X: Onboard 7m03s


At the same time as the Viper ACR edition swiped the Nürburgring Nordschleife production car lap record, BTG also snapped some pictures of this slick-shod Viper ACR-X. It turns out that this was even faster, though it's status as a 'production-based' customer race car means it can't claim any records. Shame, as it's a tidy lap at a fairly crackling pace!

>> See the full video, lots more photos and a wallpaper after the jump >>

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The making of the Camaro ZL1 laptime


Fans of big, fat, American muscle cars rejoice! As part of a promotional 'push' on the supercharged Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, GM have released this little video celebrating the time the car spent here at the Nürburgring Nordschleife last year...

>>Read more, see the full video and photos after the jump>>

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Jeep SRT8 Video and Laptime


Those of you with excellent memories may remember that there was a strange hanger-on to last year's Viper ACR record attempt. While the Vipers were busy setting record-breaking laps, a big black Jeep Cherokee would occasionaly blast past. We heard at the time that it was for a possible SUV record attempt. That is now confirmed, and there's an excellent little feature playing on the Speed channel in the USA.

>>See the Jeep SRT8 on the Speed channel feature after the jump >>

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