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BOGOF Destination Nürburgring and Rent4Ring!


That's right. Buy One Get One Free. It's a corny line for selling a trackday, but it's interesting right? Buy a day, get a day free? It's Destination Nürburgring on March 20th and 21st for £649 per car. Yes, £649 might sound like a lot of money for that trackday place. BUT... consider these points:

  • This is for the über-rare Nürburgring Nordschleife and Nürburgring sprint-track combined. The 'VLN' course.
  • The exact same configuration will cost around €100 more for only ONE day of driving on March 23rd (see our list of 2012 Nürburgring trackday dates here)
  • There is NO CHARGE for extra drivers (up to 4 drivers per entry and 4 passengers too*)
  • It's for TWO days on the 'Ring
  • AND Rent4Ring can offer you a package deal for a Swift for both days from just €1169 including two days of car rental and entry on both days. So you can fly in, drive the VLN course, eat steak on the stone, bullshit about cars, drive it AGAIN the second day, then fly home.

Still not convinced? Watch this... or this... or maybe this?

*Not all 4 drivers and all 4 passengers at once though. Don't be silly!

Quick BMW E36 M3: 7m34s BTG


It's no secret that some of the quickest cars you can buy are actually over 10 years old. Technology marches ever onwards and cars like Nissan's GTR use it to extract more power and traction. But it seems like a lot of new cars just offer better emissions or an onboard MP3 system.

Regulations in the VLN series try and persuade teams to select new more 'relevant' models, but the E36 M3 is one car that's difficult to remove from the grid. Here's why...

More info and a blisteringly quick video after the jump >>

The truth behind the GTR's new fastest laptime


The 2012 Nissan GTR is now faster than ever around the Nürburgring Nordschleife at 7m21s. But Nissan have been keeping very quiet about it. Here's why...

>>Read more and see the full video here>>

Can the 2012 Nissan GTR do 7m16s around the 'Ring?



Just a quick snippet to start you off this Saturday morning. An article came to my attention at the ever-more-interesting Pistonheads website.

Chris Rosamond was lucky enough to attend a recent GTR event at Silverstone. Here  he not only met the infamous/notorious Kazutoshi Mizuno* but also interviewed him and got some juicy tidbits... read more here!

Watch a Bentley lap the ring in under 8 minutes


Maybe it wouldn't be your first choice as a Nürburgring weapon, but you have to admit the Bentley Continental GT Supersport seems to waft along quite nicely in this video. Presented and driven by Derek Bell (a personal hero, I freely admit, you can read about when I met him here)... more info about this Bentley and a great video after the jump.

McLaren MP4-12C gets a solid 7m28s



McLaren's MP4-12C has recorded a 7m28s laptime at the Nürburgring Nordschleife under the skilled hands of German magazine SportAuto. While that's still a long* way off the Viper ACR and Lexus L-FA laptimes, it's still pretty awesome in my opinion. More info and a video after the jump


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