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Lap in the snow: a bitter man's tale


As readers of my blog, facebook page, pistonheads and twitter feed will rightly know, I was talking with the Nürburgring about the possibilty of exploring the Nordschleife in the snow. I had a 'sensible' car - a 240bhp turbo Evoque on snow tyres. I'm no stranger to the Nordschleife (lived here five years, been lapping since 2001, worked as taxi driver and instructor) or to driving on ice and snow (check this out from 2005).

The powers that be said; "Nein". Actually, they didn't just say "Nein". They said "Nein, it's too dangerous, too much risk, it's not something that we can allow any more."

Absolutely gutted, I had to settle for a drive around the edge of the track as you can read about here.

So imagine my face when this video was released:

I'm not an idiot, it's not an original idea and its done every year. But instead of lying to my face, Nürburgring, you could have just said "Sorry we are making our own plans, we don't want to spoil it."

Hell, I might have even helped or 'been onboard'. Instead you chose to lie to me, 'fob me off'. So you guys enjoy the video, it's genuinely good. But I really can't. :-/


#1 dukest 2012-02-07 09:45
did they send an entire fleet of tractors round to spoil the snow first?? unless they did and it was done intentionally to make it easier then that was some pretty impressive speed he was carrying around some sections there, but I agree, even the smallest level of engagement with enthusiastic locals might have been nice..
#2 Mikeymann 2012-02-07 17:44
But at least now there will be a new management there is a chance for a change in approach and attitude. Let's hope the changes mean more access to the track for us mortals - all year round! Dale:- Fair play for putting this up despite the snub. Very magnanimous. I like big words, I can't deny... :-)
#3 Mac K 2012-02-08 21:04
Ok now thats cool!
#4 bulls23 2012-02-13 12:11
Dale, have you seen this video from last week:
Seems it's not about it being dangerous and not allowed anymore...they simply don't like you ;-)
#5 admin 2012-02-15 13:44
Quoting bulls23:
Dale, have you seen this video from last week:
Seems it's not about it being dangerous and not allowed anymore...they simply don't like you ;-)

I thought that was over a year old... it's still cool though! :)

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