How to get an €850 fine at the Nürburgring


"Save it for the track" is an over-used phrase for many of us petrolheads. But when you're holidaying at the Nürburgring it takes a special kind of stupidity to do what happens in the video below...

HYPOCRISY DISCLAIMER: I'm the worst person in the world to pass any judgement on 'streeto drifto' of any kind. But seriously, there's a time and a place! And 'Jimbo' just had to cough €850. That would have n helped to pay for those smoking tyres and some more lap tickets... so let's try to learn from his mistake, mmmmh-K?

N.B. He should really upgrade to a clutch-type diff in that 'liner. Viscous LSD is basically open after anything more than a couple of days of hard driving....


+1 #1 Lincslady 2012-03-12 20:18
Awww bless him, he did kind of get better with practice :/
#2 giveway 2012-03-12 21:54
Last easter there was an E30 doing a lot better dirfto's. He left the scene right before the Police turned up and left and another guy with an E30 in the same colour to explain it was not him.

What do these guys expect when there is a group of cars lined up like there is a street race on and tyre smoke.
+1 #3 bulls23 2012-03-13 07:56
What's up with the videos? This one and the lap with the Artega GT on the Nordschleife are both private :cry:
#4 admin 2012-03-13 08:49
The Artega one will be online later today, it was supposed to be private from the start and I was going to online it tomorrow. But once again YouTube upload system failed me.... the skyline video is not mine, so I guess the owner took it down after getting lots of abuse :(
+1 #5 bulls23 2012-03-13 08:58
Ok, i see...anybody a copy so I can gloat over it? ;-)
#6 Varsity 2012-10-23 21:41
Jimbo, or Jaime as we call him still hasn't paid me back for the fine I paid on his behalf, he is my brother after all (doesn't make it right I know). However the Dutch guys playing at it needed to be shown how to do it. Even the Policeman who eventually caught Jaime said, This was good but not good.
N.B. The diff is welded and that car is constantly doing 7.30s B2G, not bad for a rusty PoS eh!?


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