2013 Nurburgring Nordschleife Public Opening Times & Ticket Prices




All the 2013 Nurburgring Nordschleife public days, or touristenfahrten, openings in one place!

CLICK HERE if you want to know the difference between a public opening, a trackday and a training day

These opening times are subject to change. They can change very quickly! The usual culprit is bad weather, fog and heavy rain. No visibility = no safety = no driving. This can happen on any day of the year in the Eifel. According to a statement you can read on other pages of this site, the management will not 'sell' touristenfahrten sessions within 14 days of their due date... this simply isn't true. So be careful! Never make big plans around a single day, try to get 'insurance' by choosing a day with options to drive before or after it.

2013 Nürburgring Nordschleife Ticket Prices - CLICK HERE.

Tickets can be ordered ahead, but considering postage costs it's far cheaper to buy them on the gate. If the track is open, so is the ticket office. 

02.10.2013 (Mi) 17:15–19:00 h (CET)
03.10.2013 (Do) 17:30–19:00 h (CET)
04.10.2013 (Fr) 08:00–19:00 h (CET)
05.10.2013 (Sa) 08:00–19:00 h (CET)
06.10.2013 (So) 08:00–19:00 h (CET)
07.10.2013 (Mo) 08:00–19:00 h (CET)
08.10.2013 (Di) 17:15–19:00 h (CET)
09.10.2013 (Mi) 17:15–19:00 h (CET)
10.10.2013 (Do) 17:15–19:00 h (CET)
12.10.2013 (Sa) 17:30–19:00 h (CET)
13.10.2013 (So) 08:00–19:00 h (CET)
14.10.2013 (Mo) 17:15–19:00 h (CET)
18.10.2013 (Fr) 17:15–19:00 h (CET)
19.10.2013 (Sa) 09:00–18:30 h (CET)
21.10.2013 (Mo) 17:15–18:30 h (CET)
27.10.2013 (So) 09:00–17:30 h (CET)
01.11.2013 (Fr) 09:00–16:30 h (CET)
02.11.2013 (Sa) 09:00–16:30 h (CET)
03.11.2013 (So) 09:00–16:30 h (CET)
09.11.2013 (Sa) 12:30–16:30 h (CET)
10.11.2013 (So)09:00–16:30 h (CET)


#1 Halifaxfurby 2012-12-31 19:09
Looking good for lots of tf days!!

Looking good for lots of tf days!!
#2 king 2013-01-22 20:51
Does anyone know when the rest of the years dates will come out
#3 admin 2013-02-26 15:05
All dates 'til December now out.

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