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REALITY CHECK: Monday's Porsche GT2 crash at Flugplatz



I'm an emotionally charged hypocritical wreck at the best of times, but Monday's crash at Flugplatz is something we should all be trying to learn from.

First, watch what happens here:

Now I will make bullet-points of my main thoughts, in no particular order:

  • Both driver and passenger escaped with their lives. Both have bumps on the head, the passenger has a broken arm. This is a great outcome, it could have been much worse. On Sunday one biker wasn't so lucky.
  • Prompt action from other participants helped save the passenger's life (his airway was constricted as the roof had collapsed).
  • Professional response from the experienced Rettungsdienst followed very quickly. These guys are so experienced, they deal with crap like this every week. We're lucky to have them here.
  • I do NOT believe in sweeping accidents like these under the carpet. We should see the broken metal, listen to the sirens and think about how we drive the track on our next lap.
  • If you have a 600bhp car without a full roll cage, without racing tyres and without flag marshalls on every corner, then don't attack the track like you're going to set a new lap record. Because you're not.
  • And certainly don't do that with a passenger in the car.
  • Drivers; Know your limits. The BEST place to push the limits is on specific training events and race meetings where every participant accepts this risk. I understand when a 20-year-old on €10k a year pushes too hard in touristenfahrten. It's the best he can afford. But if you have enough money to crash Ferraris, rebuild them, and nearly crash them again, then why not just go racing? Don't try to be a big fish in a little pond. The people you're impressing are only yourself and those who don't know any better.
  • Passengers; PLEASE don't jump into fast cars without understanding the possibilities of what can happen next. Just because people can afford to buy fast cars doesn't automatically make them capable of driving them. There are many tales of woe and catastrophe that start with people jumping into supercars and end with brain-dead passengers lying in a hospital bed.

We should all take a look at what happens when we f*ck up, because it will make us all better, safer drivers. See, told you I was a hypocritical mess, didn't I! :)






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