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Nurburgring Lap Times

[RUMOUR] McLaren P1 does a 7m04s lap of the Nürburgring


mclarenp1 nordschleife2

Remember how the McLaren P1 spent a whole day on the Nürburgring Nordschleife earlier this month? Well the rumour was that despite the clear track, the best lap time still wasn't significantly improved over the car's first appearance here. But a little bird has just told me that the incredibly-expensive P1's 'official' laptime is almost ready to be made public. [EDIT: A new source claims that laptime will not be made public as it's 5 seconds too slow!]

That same little birdy just told me that the revealed laptime will be 7m04s.

Is that full lap? Probably not, it's more likely to be the 'industry standard' T13 lap, missing a few metres for the normally-speed-limited T13 straight in industry pool.

mp4How fast is that compared to the current Nürburgring lap record holders? Fast, damn fast. But whether or not it's the fastest road-legal production car ever to lap the Nordschleife will depend on your own opinion of the infamous Radical SR8-LM. The Radical SR8 laps the full-length of the course in under 7 minutes on road-legal Dunlop Direzza semi-slicks! The only problem is that it's not type-approved, requiring a single vehicle approval in the UK. Radical's actual road-legal-across-Europe model, the SR3 SL, is significantly absent from laptime tables right now, though it must be quite fast.

Either way; if the rumour is true, then the P1 will have edged the road-legal Viper ACR out of top spot (though a hopped-up ACR-X did do a 7m03s laptime on slicks), and pulled a significant gap on the 7m28s Sportauto laptime of its baby brother, the MP4-12C. It's interesting to note that since the notorious MP4-12C crash, McLaren didn't attempt an official laptime of the MP4. Officially they never did attempt a laptime, it was just a coincidence that the car crashed while there was a film-crew and a helicopter.

Maybe 7m04s isn't fast enough for a million-pound supercar, and what I'm reporting above is another set of coincidences. Only time will tell...

McLaren P1 photos by ring-bilder!

mclarenp1 nordschleife1



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