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Stuff so cool, that I just have to share it.

VIDEO: Mark Higgens' record IOM TT lap in the new Impreza



It might be NNC (None-Nürburgring-Content) but Mark Higgens' new record lap of the Isle of Man TT in a modified 2015 Subara Impreza WRX is the stuff legends are made of. And thanks to the wonder of the internet (and Subaru's PR budget) there's some amazing videos here for you to see just what he did, and how he did it.

Truly AMAZING stuff.

>> See all the videos including the FULL UNCUT ONBOARD after the JUMP >>

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Come Ice Racing with BTG! March 1st-3rd!


gtr sun

There seems to be a strange link between Scandinavia and the Nürburgring. Maybe it's just that there's more petrolheads per capita in Norway, Sweden and Finland, but it seems like BTG has more than its fair share of viking-blooded, ice-drifting Nürburgring addicts.

And what do these guys do in the "off season"? Well, they drive their cars on frozen lakes, drink alcohol and cook dead animals. And now all of us non-Nordic types are invited to join them!

>> Read more details, see more pictures and watch videos after the jump >>

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Watch an old Austin Healey go under 3 minutes at Spa



Going around the 'Ring in anything under 8-minutes is really quite fast. Well at Spa Francorchamps, the same is true of a sub-3. And this video of Nigel Greensall is brilliant on so many levels...

>> Watch the full video after the jump >>

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Rallying a GT3 at break-neck pace...


Airborne, fifth gear, throttle pinned, getting ready to countersteer the landing. Respect is due.

It's been a while since the last 'Not the Nürburgring' article. Luckily, Joel showed me this video. Holy crap, I didn't even know that a Porsche GT3 could fit down those vineyard lanes, let alone bomb down them in 6th gear at 140mph! Epic skills and a whole 16-minute onboard rally stage after the jump.

>> It make the Nürburgring look like childs-play >> 

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Trip to Spa


spa pitlane

There's nothing quite like a trip to Spa. Every year I always try to get over there at least once, and this is why...

>> Read more and see more pics >>


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Jump, Jump, DRIFT!



Sometimes I see something so cool, I just want to share it. Even if it's not to do with the Nürburgring. This is one of those moments...

>> See the full video after the link >>

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