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Saving the 'Ring: Mainz gets the message


Sabine Schmitz was just one of many locals who took to the streets of Mainz this week.

This week the state capital of Mainz was rocked by supercars, family cars, race trucks, trailers and crew busses. And all of these motorsports fans had just one message to deliver:

Hands off OUR Nürburgring!"

Over 300 vehicles made the journey into the centre of Rheinland Pfalz's democracy to protest the plans to sell the Nürburgring to the highest bidder. BTG spoke to Mike Frison of Save The Ring to find out how successful the demonstration was...

Q. How did it feel to see the corso roll into Mainz?

It was new to see so many different, but great people united. Petrolheads every single one of them, in love with the Nordschleife and ready to fight for it! Race cars, trucks, ring tools - something Mainz has never seen before. And the politicians were a bit puzzled. But now they know people stand up and they can't hide anymore."

Q. Can the politicians be stopped?

It needs to be stopped and the lawyers of "Ja zum Nürburgring" are convinced there are possibilities. Only problem is the Government has other plans, as they want to raise money for their debts of the Leisure Park failure and only the tracks have a significant value for a potential buyer."


Q. So what next?

The main goal of the protest was to open the talks and to have Otto Flimm take part and be the voice of Nordschleife and Motorsport. Which happened just the day after! Politicians seem to understand only one thing: pressure. They still talk about selling the tracks though - which means we need to keep fighting.

Q. What can the average reader of BTG do to help?

Join the protest, spread the word and support local businesses. We have seen some creative protest installations / paint jobs, which are a great help. STR logos are free to use without copyright and Ja zum Nürburgring wouldn't mind some support too.

The next steps will be difficult. The Government claim the 'ring must be sold as it's not legal to run it under state-aid. Proponents of the 'Ring are fairly sure the Nordschleife and Nürburgring GP track are exceptions to this as such important parts of the local economy.

But one thing is clear, whilever the politicians are trying to sell nearly a hundred years of motorsports heritage for a few shiny pennies, many normal people will try to stop them. Good.



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