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New Nürburgring ticket system coming in 2015


new hourly nurburgring ticket ring card

With new owners and a profit-led outlook, it was only natural that the Nürburgring would be shook up a little bit. But nobody saw this coming...

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Official Nordschleife video released


official video

With the appointment of an official social media guy, and even the creation of a Youtube channel, it looks like the Nürburgring management are slowly catching up with the rest of the world. This is their latest effort to market themselves to us digital citizens.

And it's rather pretty!

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Nürburgring sold to Capricorn for 100 million


ring sale 1

The Nürburgring has been sold to German automotive firm Capricorn Group for a figure totalling over €100m, including €25m of investment in the current infrastructure promised. 

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Is the Nuerburgring sold yet?


DN8A 2447HR

While our American cousins shout patriotic slogans and airbrush gigantic eagles above the Karussell (really, I'm serious, click here) I've been following the impending sale closely.

And it's not a done-deal quite yet...

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No more Bridge To Gantry?! UPDATED & SOLVED


btg gone before

For many years the "Bridge To Gantry" timing method has been the defacto standard for the more competitive tourist driver at the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and even the odd manufacturer and tuner. But today that method appears to be in jeopardy!

PANIC OVER - check the update!

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€275 million for the Nürburgring? What's Wong with that?



The Nürburgring bidding process hit a new low today. After the ADAC's cheapskate bid was rejected, another one has gone public. And it reads like the plot to a comedy-crime drama.

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Nissan GTR Nismo claims 7m08s laptime of the Nürburgring



For all you GTR fans, and I know there's more than a couple in the BTG ranks, I have some very interesting news. Less than 24-hours ahead of the Nismo's official Tokyo Motorshow introduction, I can share some leaked information with you...

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