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ANALYSIS: What made the Ring-Taxi crash?


ring taxi porsche 2

Perfect hind-sight might be a super-power that we all possess, but I'm still going to be that annoying bloke on the internet who devotes a whole blog post to a tenuous "I told you so".

So let's begin with my photo above.

The red Porsche GT2 was GLUED to the rear bumper of the BMW Ring-Taxi all the way from Wipperman to Eschbach. And I mean GLUED.

Lights blazing.

What does that mean?ring taxi porsche

It means MOVE RIGHT. It means you're being overtaken. The Nordschleife is not a place to let your pride and ego take control of your driving. It doesn't matter who you are, what you're driving. Just move over.

I drum it into beginners at every one of my safety briefings.

And what if you've got paying passengers in your car? Do I really need to write this down for you?!

So when you watch the video, what can you see stuck to the bumper three corners later? 

That same red Porsche GT2.

And how does the BMW driver crash? It's no failed drift attempt, as I wrongly reported earlier today (based on eye-witness accounts). Oh no, it's nothing so ambitious!

It's a plain and simple "oh shit, I've gone too fast and I can't control it."

A beginner's mistake, if I'm going to be brutal.

My opinion is that it was a 'forced error'. I.e. the pressure of the GT2 behind forcing the BMW into greater efforts.

ring taxi crash 4

Looking at the photo above, I think the driver knows it too.

BMW, you need local experts with thousands and THOUSANDS of laps of the 'Ring. Not just in racing, not just in testing. But in public driving too. Because public driving is a skill set all on its own.

Your brand, your reputation, your call.

ring taxi crash 1

ring taxi crash 2


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