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Porsche GT3 crash spin Nürburgring video

This short accident video from the Nürburgring shows that you should take nothing for granted. Take a seat onboard a Porsche GT3 as he goes from driver to passenger in a split second.

The video starts just a few seconds before at Breidscheid bridge, where the driver takes a relaxed line at a very comfortable pace. Judging by the laptimer running at 4m30s it's safe to say he's not taking too many risks. But as he accelerates up Ex-Mühle towards Lauda links he keeps the throttle pinned.

And maybe you'll see it first time. The wash of coolant, right on the racing line. As the Porsche turns in, there's not much to be done except brace for impact. Ahead are two other accidents already blocking the track...

So what can we learn from such horror videos?

Firstly, as a good friend told me the other day, don't race a car that you can't push off a cliff. Shit happens, and even when you think you're doing it all safely it can and will go wrong.

Secondly, if you do have an accident, never, ever stand on the track. Check before you jump out of your car, and then get over the fence and start flagging. It's a long sprint from Bergwerk to Lauda links, through some rather prickly bushes, but if there was enough time to do it this third accident on that spill could have been avoided.

Finally (thanks veejay) GET ON THE PHONE and tell the control room. They can switch on the amber warning lights (flashing yellows). 0800 0302 112

hat-tip to Julian Bieber for the link!


+2 #1 veejay 2013-01-25 09:09
So the safety folks at the Audenau entrance had no clue about the crash. Otherwise they could have warned oncoming drivers.

Maybe some more warning lights on the ring could save cars (and maybe lifes). But key is to dial the number to report an accident ASAP.
#2 admin 2013-01-25 09:12
Very good point veejay! One phone call and the amber lights would be on before Lauda links.
#3 Garry 2013-01-25 18:39
That really is one's worst nightmare when track grip goes to zero without warning and has dispatched many bikers to the promised land. I remember reversing an RSR car down the hill (Eschback I think) towards Brunchen on a coolant slick with a DTM styled Opel following me like a bowling ball. Turtle-head moment!

It really does emphasize how urgent early warning is for oncoming cars. I have never been in a situation such as the video but I guess it takes a bit of composure to sprint away from your steaming mess of a car without trying to first take in what just happened.


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