Video: Crashing a Ferrari at 200kmh on the Nürburgring



Watching this amazing video, at first glance you might wonder what on Earth just went wrong. This Ferrari 458 Challenge just goes sideways and heads towards the barriers at a little over 200kmh...

Key to understanding this dramatic (but injury-free) crash is that the owner (a BTG member who has starred here before) is a lucky chap that has both RHD and LHD cars to play with. Much like myself, except my metal is definitely not so exotic.

Anyway. The point is, the driver clips the grass with the weight-bearing right-hand-side of the car.  Just as the 458 is pitched flat-oot into the fast and final left of Kesselchen. It's something I've experienced myself from both the passenger and drivers side of cars at the 'Ring. One wheel in the grass spells disaster...

Keen observers will recognise the pilot and maybe even the co-pilot too. Neither are newbies to the 'Ring. I've made this mistake a couple of times, but luckily not had a result as spectacularly bad as this. So to all regular swappers of RHD to LHD or vice-versa, try and keep the width of your car in mind. Maybe brush a few kerbs in obvious places to help 'calibrate' your brain to the new perspective and relative widths on each side.

And Ferrarista rest assured that the 458 Challenge is already back in showroom state, but with the addition of much improved suspension setup with a lot more compression and rebound stroke... (see why it needed that here!).


#1 430Scuderia 2013-01-01 23:59
Immediately before the crash, the suspension unloads and the traction control cuts torque to the engine - clearly audible.
#2 430Scuderia 2013-01-02 00:04
Track day 29th June 2012. Low point of the year. At the Bergwerk apex the time from 'The Bridge" was 3min 50sec - a projected BTG lap time of 7.15. The previous lap had been my fastest ever at 7.27 (posted - video 16).

Sitting in the left hand seat didn't help my positioning of the car but as the car goes over the crest immediately before the crash, full throttle, in excess of 130mph, the suspension unloads and the traction control cuts torque to the engine - clearly audible. Standard suspension set up for a flat GP type circuit doesn't suit the Nordschleife at these speeds - KW race suspension now fitted. The right hand tyres get on the wet grass - game over! No serious injuries and the car is repaired, tested and ready to go in 2013.
#3 wirno 2013-01-02 09:13
Reminds me off the crash with the techart Porsche driven by Roland Asch, more the a decade a go.
#4 Bionic Billy Nav 2013-01-04 16:21
Wow! it's amazing you would of thought it would have been totalled! just shows you how safe cars are today, then on the other hand there must of been an element of luck as a M3 CSL crashed there in front of me in Oct 2011 and the car wasn't so lucky or a biker that got hit by somebody else that panicked, but hey that's the Ring...

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