Birdstrike at 140mph on the Nürburgring



BTG reader and Nürburgring regular Colin was out on the Nordschleife in his Nissan GTR tonight when he hit a really big bird at nearly 140mph. Scary stuff, right? Well take a look at the video above.

Here are some things I think we can all take away from Colin's nightmare experience.

  • At speeds like this, anything can happen and you won't have any time to react.
  • A slightly positive throttle is much better than a trailing one.
  • If you're the first guy out of the gate after the track has been closed for a while, the wildlife might still be on circuit. Here this was the first lap of the night, and I'd bet that Colin was probably the first guy up Kesselchen.
  • In Autumn the sunset is close to the public hours which is a time when wildlife is active (more relevant to the deer than the birds, but if there are baby rabbits on the grass, that's a tasty meal for foxes or big-ass birds!)




+2 #1 Halifaxfurby 2012-09-21 21:41
Well held!!!! Ouch!!
+1 #2 elsabor67 2012-09-22 18:50
My GOD!!!! Good thing you're safe. That bird was HUGE!!! What was it?

Ironic thing I am seeing this page right now, in the advertisements there is an "Angry Birds Space" spot right now.
#3 stevorocket1 2012-09-24 13:21
It was a buzzard!

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