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Come Ice Racing with BTG! March 1st-3rd!


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There seems to be a strange link between Scandinavia and the Nürburgring. Maybe it's just that there's more petrolheads per capita in Norway, Sweden and Finland, but it seems like BTG has more than its fair share of viking-blooded, ice-drifting Nürburgring addicts.

And what do these guys do in the "off season"? Well, they drive their cars on frozen lakes, drink alcohol and cook dead animals. And now all of us non-Nordic types are invited to join them!

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rent4ring4The white GTR that you can see to the right belongs to BTG member and confirmed 'ring-addict Robert Larsson. And he's put together a ride and drive package in his hometown Lulea, Sweden.

Yes, that's the red pin in the map above, a scant distance from the Arctic Circle. And above left you'll some of the 15kms of track available to us!

Dates: March 1st-3rd
€870, + flights to Lulea Airport (LLA)
• Audi A4 Quattro TDi on Saturday 2nd March (shared with one other driver), unlimited kms, €580 damage excess.
• 2 laps driving in an ice-racing Porsche 997 GT3 with spike tyres, €1750 damage excess.
• Instruction in-car
• 2 nights in a nice hotel in Lulea
• Lunch at the track each day (probably grilled dead things)
Upgrade: Drive the Friday also. Or take that Porsche for the whole event (except our 2 laps each) for a total price of €2100.

Sound good, doesn't it? Needless to say, I'm already booked! Flights to Lulea are pretty painless as there are regular connections from Stockholm. The hotel is minutes away from the airport and the tracks are just outside the town. Robert reckons you can be sideways on ice an hour after you land...

Getting there

flightsDriving all the way to the Arctic circle is probably a bad idea for a single weekend. I did briefly consider driving the BMW Project 328i up there, until I figured out the fuel bill alone was way over €1000, and it's 24hours behind the wheel each way.

But flying is relatively easy. My favourite website for finding cheap European flights is I just found mine and Thorsten's flights for €400 each, return from Dusseldorf.

As mentioned before, Lulea is on a regular connection to Stockholm and the prices are reasonable if you shop around or use a comparison service.

So, how to book? Well, this is an old-school personal thing. It's not a business enterprise, it's just friends helping friends do something awesome. The unofficial event page is on facebook here: and you'll need to be invited by Robert here.

If you're not a facebook type person, drop me an email using the contact page and I'll hook you up with Robert directly.

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Who's coming?



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