VIDEO: McLaren P1 "under-7"


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Tonight, I'm happy to bring you two great nuggets of McLaren P1 juiciness at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The first is a video, the second is gossip, but it's an interesting concept.

First though, let's watch the video that's just leaked (it's unlisted, not published)... It's gorgeous!

 I have to admit, before I saw the video, I imagined they'd be finally releasing the much-talked-about laptime of the P1. You know, officially. Now the track's got some massive holes dug in it, and Ferarri can't come back for another four to five months, I thought: "Now's the time, here it comes."

But to say that the video is an anti-climax would be a massive understatement. Watch it to the end, and the moody voice-over asks...

So, did we do it? Did we complete a sub-7 lap? Yes, of course."

And that's it. The video ends there!

Pfft... disappointing McLaren! I refer you to the boasting kid at school who claims he's bedded a hundred women despite only being 12. Just because you say it enough, we don't automatically believe it's true.

And then I saw a bit of rumour on facebook, I'll c+p it below:

There's a McLaren dealer going in across from our Porsche dealership. In talking with those guys they said they contacted the manufacturer about the ring time as they have sold some P1's and the customers want to know. McLaren told them the P1 ran a 6:47 on street tires and a 6:33 on slicks. The only reason there holding back on releasing the time is because there waiting for Ferrari to release the LaFerrari's time first so Ferrari doesn't use their time as a benchmark and try and go beat it"

Plausible, I'd say. Plausible story, but also plausibly the kind of thing a dealer would spin out in order to save face in front of a cheque-book warrior intent on spending his million on the fastest car.

What do you think? Did the P1 really go under 7? Leave a comment below.


#1 mmm-five 2013-12-06 10:47
Don't care!

It looked awesome though, and can't wait for a full, multi-angle version of the full lap!
#2 veejay 2013-12-06 11:49
Wow, nice shots!

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